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This is NOT a job: it is just a way to make some extra money.

There aren’t too many things 14 year olds can do online to make money. That is because you need to be 18 years old for most things. SquishyCash though, is one of those totally FREE sites that anyone 13 and older can sign up for. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO SIGN UP. As you can see by the banner below, I have made over $170.00 with them so far.

Squishy Cash pays by Paypal, check, or electronic gift cards to Amazon.com, Target.com, or Walmart.com. If you get paid by the gift cards you can then buy whatever you want right away online and it will be shipped to your house. This is a great way to get paid for 14 year olds so you don’t have do deal with PayPal or paper checks.

I have included a screenshot of my latest $64.04 payment (from Paypal) and you can click on the image below to get a clearer picture of it.


There are many ways to make money on SquishyCash including doing free offers, contests, quizzes, daily surveys, signing up to sites and more. There are some things that require a credit card but you NEVER have to do those. You can make money on this site by doing only the free things and if you can learn how to refer others to the site you can make even more.

I wan’t to make it clear again that this is NOT A JOB. It is just a way for a 14 year old to make some extra money in their spare time and it is one of the few legitimate sites that will allow 14 year olds to join. You need to still keep looking for jobs for 14 year olds but maybe you can start making a little money on the side while you look!



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A good time to start thinking about jobs in now even though it is cold outside. If you are fourteen and will be looking for a job this summer, you are going to learn first hand what a bad economy means.

Unfortunately, not many companies hire 14 year olds because they think they are too young. When you add to that the awful economy, you get a situation where it is going to be very difficult for many of you to find work.

Summer jobs for 14 year olds can be many things but mostly they are the types of jobs you can get around your neighborhood. Things like mowing lawns, painting houses, weeding gardens, and doing any type of odd chore you can think of that people might be willing to pay for. Of course the big one is babysitting and 14 year olds can generally find work that way.

This summer is going to be a challenge for any of you who are determined to get hired by a company. Not only are you very young to be working but you won’t have the experience that employers generally want. Maybe a good idea is to try to get hired by a friend of the family in their business if you know someone like that. Getting hired by the parents of one of your friends is a great opportunity if something like that comes your way.

Whatever happens this summer, you need to chalk it up to a learning experience. What you are going to find is that getting a job in this world is sometimes not that easy. Even though you think you can do the work, it doesn’t mean that an employer will actually take a chance and hire you. So good luck this summer and keep looking till you find something!

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Teens who are looking for jobs for 14 year olds are no doubt very discouraged right now. Not only are job openings hard to find but they are almost impossible to find for young teenagers. Why don’t employers give 14 year olds a chance?

More teens are looking for jobs right now than ever before and that is mostly because of the bad economy. They need the money for themselves or to help out their families. Many teens may not be getting much or any allowance because their parents can’t afford to give them any. This means they have to look for their own ways to make money and looking for a job is a natural solution.

Teens are also looking for jobs to help out their parents. Any additional money they can bring in would be greatly apreciated but finding a job is proving impossible. Most employers just won’t hire anyone younger than sixteen which leaves thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen year olds without any way to make money.

Most employers won’t hire 14 year olds because they consider it too risky. At fouteen, you are probably in the 8th or 9th grade and that is pretty young to be working. Addtionally, anyone that young is probably looking for a job for the first time and has no experience.

Right now, with so many adults looking for jobs, companies don’t have to hire teenagers even at the lowest pay scales because there are adults that are willing to take the jobs. Usually, teenagers would do the jobs that pay the least and are the easiest which make sense when you think about it. Adults would then be applying for the jobs that are harder and pay more in normal times.

Right now though, the unemployment rate is about 10% which means that 1 out of every 10 people who want a job can’t find one. Those numbers don’t even count teenagers as young as 13 or 14. So, there are many adults that need work and are willing to take jobs that might normally be given to teens.

In 2010, giving teens a chance is not something employers even need to do because there are so many people willing to take the jobs. Jobs for 14 year olds are then even harder to find than they have been in the past and there is nothing that can be done about it. If you are 14 years old and looking for work, you should know that it is hard for everyone and it has nothing to do with you personally. It is just bad luck that you are needing a job now when the economy is so bad.


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If you are 14 years old and looking for a job, you will find out that most companies won’t hire someone so young. Why is that and is there anything you can do?

There are several reasons why companies don’t like to hire 14 and 15 year olds and it has to with all the restrictions put on by the government for young workers. You can read about jobs for 14 year old and the law to see all the different hours, days, and weeks restrictions that are imposed on young workers. It is understandable that most employers just don’t want to deal with all those things and they would rather hire someone older that can work all day.

There are other reasons why companies don’t want 14 year olds working for them and one of them is insurance. If they have to buy additional insurance just for their workers under 18, some companies decide it is too expensive and ultimately not worth it for them. Still another reason it is difficult to find real jobs for 14 year olds is that anyone that young will have no job experience. Employers, when faced with the option of hiring someone with experience or someone without experience will predictably go with the person that has some experience.

Is it fair that jobs for 14 year olds are so scarce and that most companies won’t hire you? Of course it isn’t fair as 14 year olds can often do a great job and are every bit as good as older teens of 15 and 16. However, this is where you start to learn that in life, many things are not fair.

Society as a whole has pretty much made these restrictions with the help of government leaders and politicians.  Adults feel that children should focus on their schooling first and that everything else is secondary.  That is why, during the school year, the hours restrictions that you are allowed to work are numerous. Parents and adults feel that you should not be working and should be spending most of your time at school and doing homework.

During summer vacation when school is out, the hours you can work are greatly expanded and you can actually work a normal 40 hour work week. This is good only if you can find a job however, and that is very difficult. Jobs for 14 year olds are far and few between and you almost have to have some inside connection to get one.

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In America, age 14 is the first year you are allowed to get a real job by law. So congratulations if you just turned 14!

There are however, restrictions on both the hours you can work and they types of jobs you can have. If you want to go to the official government site for this please go here.

Children that are 14 and 15 years old can work when school is not in session. They may have an assortment of jobs that are not in manufacturing, mining, or can be classified as hazardous.  Additionally they must not work:

  • More than 3 hours a day on school days, including Fridays;
  • More than 18 hours per week in school weeks;
  • More than 8 hours a day on non-school days;
  • More than 40 hours per week when school is not in session.

There are more rules for both 14 and 15 year olds and that is that they cannot work prior to 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. for most of the year. The exception to this is from June 1 until Labor Day during which the hours they can work are up till 9:00 p.m. There is another exemption for kids who are part of the Work Experience and Career Exploration Program and they can be work up to 23 hours per week when school is on and also 3 hours on school days (including during school hours).

The reason for these laws is that society as a whole wants to protect young children from injury and harm as well as make sure they don’t do any jobs that are too hard for them. This means that jobs for 14 year olds such as the ones listed below will be off limits:

  • communications or public utilities jobs
  • construction or repair jobs
  • driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver
  • manufacturing and mining occupations
  • power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines
  • processing occupations
  • public messenger jobs
  • transporting of persons or property
  • workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed
  • warehousing and storage.

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